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        About Body Contour Wrap Treatment

SINx Men is using The Universal Contour Wrap for our Body Contour Wrap Treatment to help our Male Clients to loss Inches to achieved a Better Body Shape

What is The Universal Contour Wrap?

The Universal Contour Wrap is an All Natural, effective way to contour the body and reduce inches through detoxifying, toning and tightening the skin and soft tissue. The process involves using our unique wrapping techique utilizing specially designed Contour Wraps which are soaked in the Patented Univeral Contour Wrap Solution. Over Ten (10) years of reseach and development, by a Chiropractic Physican, found the Universal Contour Wrap to be the most effective body wrap solution, technique and process.

What is the Effect?

Once the Universal Conotur Wrap has been applied to the body the effect is that of a giant poultice. As the toxins are drawn out through the pores, the soft tissue is compressed and compacted. The skin regains elasticity by being detoxified thereby creating a smoother and firmer muscle base over which the soft tissue lies.

Will Drinking Water affect this Body Wrap Treatment?

The Universal Contour Wrap IS NOT DEHYDRATIVE. Weight loss, through water loss is extremely minimal - which means you will not regain inches lost by drinking water. Knowing the importance of water to your overall health, we strongly recommend drinking 8 glasses of water each day. It is especially important to drink the recommended water serveral days before and after having the Universal Contour Wrap. This will help to hydrate the skin and aid the body's natural detoxification and elimination process.

What is the Procedure of The Universal Contour Wrap?

Prior to having your first Universal Contour Wrap, you will asked to complete a health questionnaire. You will then be assisted to a private treatment room where you will be asked to underess. At this time measurement will be taken over variour points of your body. These poiintes will be marked so that after the Universal Contour Wrap, you can be measured again at the same points. A trained body wrap specialist will then apply between 25 - 30 Contour Wraps to your body - lifting yp the buttock, pulling the waist, and generally sculpturing the body. Even your chin area can be wrapped, if you wish! Once wrapped, you will be assisted into a light vinyl suit to keep you warm and comfortable as the wrap become cool. During the next 60 minutes, you will be assisted in some light bend and stretch exercise, followed by a de-stressing and relaxing period, after which the wraps will be removed and you will be re-measured.It will not be necessary to shower as your skin will feel quite clean and refreshed after the process. Once dressed, the wrap specialist will review your measurements, discuss the result of your Universal Contour Wrap and explain yourafter-wrap instructions. You should allow 2 hours for your first treatment.

Rather Reduce Inches then Take Off Pounds?

The Universal Contour Wrap process is designed to reduce inches rather take off pounds. The average person loses between 9 to 14 inches overall on their first Contour Wrap, depending on the their size and condition. Astonishing inches losses have been recorded with just one Universal Contour Wrap, and its quite normal to reduce a complete dress size with a series of Contour Wraps. People who are dieting can realize even greater resules, as the benifits from the tightening and firming of the skin and tissue makes it the perfect compliment to any weight loss program. Your personal goals, the percentage of soft tissue, and the rate at which you re-toxify will determine the amount of the Contour Wraps recommended. Your wrap specialist will help you assess your needs and tailor a program for your individual requirements and lifestyle.

Will the Inches Stay off??

Yes, In our experience, the inches will stay off as long as you do not gain weight, A maintenance program is recommended after your goal is achieved.

Is this Safe and will it Hurt??

All ingredients in our Patented Universal Contour Wrap Solution have been researched and tested and are totally natural. The procedure will not hurt at all; you should not feel clasutrophobic as you are free to move about quite easily. After your Contour Wrap you will feel wonderful.

What is TOXINS?

Toxinx are a Waste By-Products. Its stored in the fluid between the Fat Cells, Toxin accumulation is due to improper diet, illness, medication, stress, smoking, drinking, and lack or exercise and weight loss (which due to fat breakdown is very toxin). In today's society, many people have an overload od toxins in their body. The accumulation of toxins inhibits the elasticin which holds and maintains the shape of the soft tissue and skin causing a discouraging saggin condition and sellulite.

How will the Skin Feel after the Universal Contour Wrap Treatment?

Many Clients enjoy the Universal Contour Wrap purely for the detoxification benefits. Since the Contour Wrap is working to cleanse and detoxify the skin, clients tell us their skin feels tighter, very soft and smooth afterwards. Even people that suffer with skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema have tolfs us that they see and feel a real difference. Some clients even find that the Universal Contour Wrap helps make their Strect Marks less noticeable.